• Spring + Summer 2012 Catalog + $200 Advertising Giveaway !

    The Lovely Clusters Spring/Summer 2012 Catalog is here! Its about twice as big and full of pretty items by color and curations from our friends.  I have been working overtime these past few weeks to get it done and I just couldn't stop creating pages. There were just so many lovelies to choose from. :)

    I would love it if you would be willing to help us spread the word about the new catalog so I am putting on a giveaway twice as big. If you are the winner you will be able to place an ad (designed by us if needed) on our blog for 6 months that will link to your shop, blog or website. We will also blog about your site bringing you some nice traffic. Worth $200!

    It is super easy to enter especially if you have a blog and setup on social networking sites like facebook, twitter and pinterest. See more details below to get started and don't forget to comment letting us know how you spread the word. Thank you so much for supporting handmade!

    Details to Win!

    For 3 Entries: Blog about the catalog using at least one of the images from the catalog. Grab jpgs HERE>> or on Facebook HERE>>

    For 1 Entry: Repin page(s) of the Spring/Summer 2012 catalog on Pinterest. SEE BOARD HERE>> (each pin is worth one entry)

    For 1 Entry: Tweet or facebook about the catalog using this link: http://issuu.com/lovelyclusters/docs/lc-summerspring2012

    In order to receive any entries you must write in a comment on this post with your email address so we can contact you and what you have done to spread the word about the catalog so we can add up the correct amount of entries.

    Thank you so much and good luck!!

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    1. BEAUTIFUL Catalog. What an amazing job you have done. Thank you so much.

      I have linked the new catalog on my personal and business facebook pages.

      Thanks again

      Rememory Designs rememorydesigns@hotmail.com

    2. I have pinned the blog and an item from the new catalog :)

    3. Hi Rachel!
      The catalog is so yummy! What a great job!
      I shared on private and business facebook, tweeted, and I'm adding a link to our website and newsletter.
      Thanks so much for bringing all these amazing goodies together!


    4. Excellent job on the catalog. I've already pinned and shared on Facebook. Thanks!

    5. Beautiful catalog! great job!
      I have pinned a turquoise items


      Have a nice day,

    6. Hi Rachel,

      I have just posted about the catalog in my blog:


      I have linked the catalog on my personal and business facebook pages.

      I have tweeted the link.

      And I have repined the pages of the Spring/Summer 2012 catalog on Pinterest.


    7. Hello! Great giveaway - the mag looks AWESOME!!

      * I have pinned the catalog and 6 individual pages of the catalog.
      * I tweeted the catalog.
      * I posted the link to the catalog on FB


    8. Thanks for including my picks Rachel! I posted about it to my blog & Facebook and just pinned a few too!

    9. I love, love the Monarch and Bloom palettes. Anything with tangerine makes my mouth water!

    10. P.S.S. Love the Monarch and Bloom palettes! tanaphotography@msn.com blogged on TanaPhotography.com

    11. it's very inspiring) especially the last items in tuquoise colour)

    12. Thank you Rachel you did a beautiful job-it really is lovely♥

      I've done a blog post:
      I've also tweeted, shared on FB & Pinned.

      Thanks again for all your hard work on this.


    13. Hi Rachel. The catalog looks amazing! You did a fantastic job!

      So I've blogged about it here: http://juneshindesigns.blogspot.com/2012/04/source-issuu.html

      pinned 3 images

      Tweeted and facebooked the link.

      june [at] juneshin.com

    14. http://laurakaiken.blogspot.com/
      Next pinterst.....
      The catalog looks GREAT.

    15. Hi Rachel - I love the new catalog! You always do a beautiful job:)
      I blogged about the catalog here:
      - Liz

    16. Everything is SO pretty! I pretty much want every purple thing you have listed here. And that green soap looks heavenly.

      Will be blogging! http://rhiannonrising.blogspot.com

      hendectet at gmail

    17. I repinned some stuff!


    18. posted the link to my FB pages here:


    19. Tweeted a link to the new catalog here:


    20. repinned 2 pins of yours and created my own pins here:



    21. Hi Rachel, what an amazing job you have done! So many beautiful colour curations, I can't pick a fav! Thank you so much for featuring some of my paper goodies!

      I have shared the new catalog on my business and personal facebook pages.

      Belinda x

    22. Hi, Rachel thank you for your work and catalogue.

      I posted on my blog

      I linked on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Garden-Cherries/118387814875959?ref=tn_tnmn

      I twitted

      and I pinned


    23. lovely blog! and great giveaway!! Hugs form California! xx,
      The Golden Girls

    24. Love the colors! We posted a blog and you can find it HERE:


      Revival Photography

    25. We tweeted a link here!


      Revival Photography

    26. We re-pinned 38 of the pages from the Lovely Clusters Spring/Summer 2012 Catalog under the "Spring Inspiration" board HERE:


    27. Oh, what a lovelly post :)
      I really like your blog!

    28. Pinned! :)
      Email - sales@one98one.com

    29. Hi!
      amazing giveaway!
      I repined 2 pins:


    30. Would love to win!! I love that carnation page! I tweeted about it here...


    31. Rachel, your blog is, well, lovely. this a brilliant idea...i've got my fingers crossed!

      i repinned...everything:

      facebooked on personal and business:


      and blogged:

      yeah...i love Lovely Clusters that much!

    32. post on facebook and several pins at pinterest!! lovely catalog!


    33. Gorgeous catalogue!
      Mentioned on my Facebook page

    34. Okay, I've written a blog post about it, which I will be posting on Saturday. I have repinned some (I think 4) of the images on pinterest, and I have put a link on my facebook page. Thanks!

    35. Re-pinned! http://pinterest.com/pin/91831279872088107/

      Thanks, Rachel :)

      tickledpinkknits **AT** GMAIL **DOT** COM

    36. Tweeted! - https://twitter.com/#!/Elena_TPKnits/status/193808982979260417

      tickledpinkknits **AT** gmail **dot** com

    37. The images on your blog are so inspiring! Great blog!

    38. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

    39. man, it is so pretty! you really outdid yourselves this time!

      tweeted! https://twitter.com/#!/balancedcrafts/status/194896907770929152

    40. I have posted a message on my Facebook page about your catalog:) www.facebook.com/LLillardDesigns


    41. The catalog it's wonderful!

      I Share on my blog

      On my facebook page

      And twitter :)

      Congrats for the amazing work!

      azuleterra.azulado at gmail dot com

    42. Hi Rachel,

      I have shared the link to the catalogue on my facebook (Su F Tan).

      I have also re-pinned 2 pages of the Summer 2012 catalogue.
      http://pinterest.com/pin/85709199128649463/ http://pinterest.com/pin/85709199128649496/

      ilmareatelier [at!] yahoo dot com dot sg


    43. Wonderful selection, high quality of items and photos perfectly composed. I was happy to see my work featured.
      I just repinned on my pinterest most of the pages.
      Thank you very much :)


      stdapola[at]gmail dot com

    44. The Catalog is really beautiful, you did a great job. I repined and shared on FB:)



    45. Lovely catalogue :) - amazing job!


    46. hi!

      facebooked with a link:


      office at roroism dot eu

    47. repinned as 'Radoslawa Olewicz'

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    48. Repinned :) my pinterest name is saralyn.