• Out and About: Hana Mini Vacation

    Last week started off well with a two day mini vacation I took with my friend Mandy. It was her friends wedding and needed someone to go with. The wedding was really beautiful and if you have ever been to Hana you know its a magical place and well worth the drive. We were lucky and happened to have some other friends also taking a mini vacation and they had extra beds in their cabin so we were able to skip out on camping in the rain.

    It all began to go downhill when I started to feel sick. As I was driving home I felt more and more sick. I was ready to get back to work and blogging and was stopped by the nasty flu. In bed for the rest of the week and still recuperating. Slowly getting my strength back. So here I am finally getting back to my neglected blog. At least I have some pretty photos to show you. :)

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    1. your photos are lovely! glad you're better :)
      -jocee <3

    2. Beautiful photos- you definitely took some beautiful instagram photos!

    3. Beautiful photos, get well!

    4. good to hear your feeling better :))

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    5. those photos are divine! hope youre feeling better soon xxx


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