• Mellow Monday: That Christmas Feeling

    Its starting to feel like Christmas around here especially with all this cold rainy weather. Christmas lights are up and I'm drinking hot drinks in the evening. So fun!

    What makes Christmas special for you?

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    1. oh my how lovely!
      -jocee <3

    2. I suppose the stuff that makes Christmas most special are the traditions we've carried on from when I was a child. My husband and I have managed to blend traditions from each of our families. I've learned about candles in oranges for celebrating Jesus's birth (not sure I understand the why, just that it happens hehehe) and we listen to Dean Martin Christmas songs because that was one of the albums my Grandmother played every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Frank Sinatra was another and Nat King Cole were among them as well. Lots of little things like that are what make Christmas special for us.

    3. There is just nothing better than a big mug of hot chocolate decked out with a marshmallow and candy cane stirrer. I'm so ready for Xmas!

    4. Great picks! I'm honored to have my photo included. :)

    5. My favorite parts of Christmas would be the break, and the need to get together and celebrate with family and friends. I guess there aren't much adjectives for feelings, but there is some aura that Christmas decors give me.

    6. I love hot drinks all year round, but they are especially nice around the holidays - you are right! Lovely photos in this post :)

    7. it's so not christmassy here and that makes me sad :(


    8. Sopla el viento, calla el miedo de repente. Una estrella cruza el cielo y amanece. Ha nacido el rey de reyes. Felices Pascuas.

    9. My favorite memories are when you were little. I loved staying up late Christmas eve putting together doll houses for you with your dad. And the best part...going to grandma and grandpas house! The smell of turkey and pine trees....Family is everything! Love you so much, mom

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