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    On Saturday we were able to check out the house we are going to be renting out. The last renters stuff is all out so we were able to see it with fresh eyes and in more detail. It needs some love but I can see the potential in it and my husband and I are just the right people to give the house the love it deserves. :)
    A lot of paint and some lovely textiles I think will go a long way. I want the house to feel really calm and natural. I want to paint the entire interior in a sandy tan beige with white trim. There is some nice neutral tile throughout the space which is great to work with. We are going to eventually need more furniture and want to stick with dark woods to bring in some contrast. I am going to bring out my sewing machine and go to town on some thick off white drapery that I want to put throughout the home that I think will look nice against the tan walls. I am thinking I might add some blue and green accents to bring in just a bit of color. Right now its feeling a little daunting the amount of work we will need to do but I think it will be well worth it. Here are some interiors that I am finding very inspirational. I love the feel!
    Row 1: michaeldelpiero, srussellgroves Row 2: davidland, antonytodd Row 3: reesroberts, francesjanisch
    I want to thank everyone for all of your generous comments from Friday. I am feeling like my old self again and your words definitely cheered me up and helped me get back on my feet. I really do appreciate it! :) So how was your weekend? I hope you were able to do something fun or take some time for yourself to relax. Related Products:

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    1. Very beautiful inspirations! I am sure your house will be fantastic!

    2. I know how overwhelming the physical aspect of moving can be. Hopefully the excitement of creating a vision for how you want the place to look will keep your spirits buoyed. good luck.

    3. August will be a better month - you have so many fun things to look forward to :) Glad you are feeling better! Your house will be lovely, great inspiration photos. Even though the work seems overwhelming right now, once you begin I think you will really enjoy it. Nesting is fun!

    4. lovely images...Can't wait to see how you do up your new home!

    5. I know the feeling!! We moved into our home a year ago and I still have projects I need to do! I love a neutral palette too!

    6. I love these pictures. They're so gorgeous. I would love to decorate a home. But i'm renting now. :(


    7. I can feel that August will be a great month! You have some nice inspiration for your new place - can't wait to see it progress! Happy Monday! xoxo

    8. Fabulous inspiration! Have a sweet day!

    9. I really love the relaxing mood that neutral colors give off!

      Want to follow each other - I'm already following you!


      alice h

    10. I love, love those images! They feel so warm and relaxing!

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