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    Greetings dear Lovely Clusters readers! My name is Heather and I am visiting today from Gathering Spriggs where I love to write about all things romantic and vintage with a twist. So today in honor of the last days of summer (here) and beginning of spring in other parts of the world, I have gathered together some of my favorite images of rooms in bloom kissed with a hint of granny chic. With this collection I have decided that granny chic isn't so antiquated after all. Its a current solution to modern design dilemmas that creates warmth, softness and an open invitation for a welcome home feeling. For me its the light and airy palette in these images that take granny chic from drab to dazzling. So what are your thoughts? How far could you go with romantic granny chic? Are you ready to pepper your rooms with roses?

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    1. what a beautiful selection of granny chic images! i just l-o-v-e that happily blanket - it warms my heart. xx,jane

    2. Love all of this, you've chosen such cute pics Heather, I'm a floral girl through and through!

    3. Beautiful post, Heather...and I love that blue and white floral couch! :)

    4. thanks lana and jane! i am too! (a floral girl that is).
      i can never have enough petals to please!

    5. aww, what an inspirations! thanks for sharing! :)

    6. I just came across your blog- I love it :)
      The teacups in the last photo are super cute x

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