• Mellow Monday: Lazy Beach Days

    I feel like I am falling into too many lazy days by the beach......
    ....when I know I need to get my butt into gear and start doing some more marketing for my business. My plan that I keep trying to stick to is a 9-5 work day from Mon-Thurs. (I have a really hard time working on Fridays. :)) Its a new week and a new start to try to stick to my schedule. Working at home can be so difficult sometimes. It can be hard to discipline yourself and stay focused. I sometimes wish I could just get a separate office from home but there are just too many extra expenses and who knows if that would even work. I think I can do better this week. Wish me luck! Images from top: Row 1: Carter Smith, aliciabock Row 2: yvetteinufio, Carter Smith Row 3: clashed, photo by me :)

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    1. This collection of pictures is really an eye candy for me on this rainy day in Z├╝rich!



    2. These photos have me craving some beach time. Lovely!

    3. Have to agree with you. I too have the hardest time not to be distracted at home!

    4. Perfect! Even if it's raining here :(

    5. If I lived near the beach just like you I think I would find it even harder than I already do, working from home.
      I find it is so easy to 'just do' something which ends up being an hour or so and then it is hard to get back to work. This time of year my garden calls at me as I work I swear!

    6. this is a good thought. not working on Fridays. I shall have to consider it.

    7. Lovely Mellow Monday pictures. It gets me into the mood!

    8. I have been missing coming by here...my life has been a bit crazy.

    9. wahhhh! why did you have to show me this?! i just got back from hawaii and i am HATING life right now. wahh wahh wahhhh!!!

      (i blame myself. i should've stayed longer...)

    10. Lovely photos :) The best of luck with work! You can do it!

    11. I just discovered this blog and I really love it!
      Thanks for sharing.

      xx fesi-fashion

    12. i guess with it being the first day of summer, i'm absolutely longing to be on a beach like this! excuse me while i continue daydreaming :)

    13. It is REALLY hard to work from home. GOOD LUCK and stick with it- find a good habit and schedule and you'll do great. AND I wish that I could be at the beach right now... I love the city, but sometimes I just want a warm breeze and crashing waves...

    14. I totally feel you and work is *so* not on the lazy-day-beach schedule! That surfer picture is seriously breath-taking, what a fab find! Good luck this week!

    15. Great images.
      I know how hard it is to discipline yourself when you work from home... The first thing you must do is get ready and dressed as though you were leaving the house for work. Staying in your jammies will only make it harder to focus on work...

    16. living by the beach can be such a distraction for being creative! I totally understand....sometimes I secretly enjoy the rain so I can get some work done! I am too easily persuaded by the sound of waves and my toes in the sand! x

    17. you can not imagine how much I would love to go to a beach right now! Visited Hawaii 6 years ago (Oahu)...it´s about time... Have a lovely and creative day today! sunny greetings from germany, geisslein

    18. Adorable images!!

    19. Love these beachy photos, and YES I know exactly what you mean about working from home. It can be hard to stick to a normal schedule all the time!

    20. Soooo mellooooow... :)

    21. I have the same problem - distractions. Although, I will say I probably tend to work harder because of it. I find myself checking e-mails and working on shop stuff even late into the night sometimes. The lines between home and work are far too blurry...

    22. Love these images! Wish I only worked Mon-Thurs, that would be my dream! Good luck resisting the beach!:)

    23. Good luck! I remember the lure of Hawaiian beaches all too well. We (seriously) had to relocate just to get our lives on track (and save ourselfs from melanoma).

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