• Lovely Homes: Heather S. Thompson from Gathering Spriggs

    I decided that I wanted to create a feature on this blog showcasing beautiful homes of creative and crafty individuals and ask them a few questions that may help you with your home! So I am very excited today to give you a sneek peek into Heathers beautiful vintage modern styled home. You may know her from her wonderful blog Gathering Spriggs where she posts dreamy gorgeous items every day. I am especially fond of her home because it feels so comfortable, practical, beautiful and if you are a reader of her blog you will agree that you can also see Heathers style in there! I have been thinking about collecting more vintage pieces and I definitely got some great tips and ideas from her! See my questions and her answers below.

    Q. I love your vintage finds and I am wanting to find more old things to make my home feel more lived in. Do you have any advice for me?  
     A. Aww, thanks. Well, I typically scour second hand shops, boutiques and other etsy shops looking for my favorite colors - i usually stick to the same palette of items and that keeps a cohesive look despite the age or era of an item. Buy what you love and it will always work.

    Q. What is your favorite DIY project or clever use of furniture?  
    A. Honestly, I am not a great DIYer. But I do know how to paint and I typically use paint to solve a lot of problems. I've painted both my mantle in this house and the tile fireplace surround in my old house to conceal design flaws and create a warmer focal point. I also, like to change out and mix up furniture from room to room. For example, I like using dining chairs for nitestands and utilizing a dresser as a dining or kitchen hutch.

    Q. Biggest challenge in decorating your house?  
    A. Besides time and money, I think that my biggest challenge is working with a newer home to create a more nostalgic atmosphere.

    Q. Were things handed down to you or have you mainly purchased your furniture and decor or is it a mixture?  
    A. Ohh, I love this question!! Thanks for asking! It is a mix, but I love pieces that have history, a story and better yet a personal story. I come from a long line of collectors. I grew up going to garage sales and flea markets for weekend fun. My grandparents have a large collection of fine antiques, and although they live in Texas and still have things waiting for me in their storage shed, I have inherited some pieces from them. And I've acquired vintage pieces on my own (in which I create my own story for them). Recently, I started shopping at Ikea and incorporating some streamlined pieces in the mix. I'm beginning to like the mix of vintage modern.

    Q. Where do you find your inspiration for decorating and what are some of your favorite places to shop?
    A. I find inspiration from many sources: anything from the produce aisle to a miniature landscape painting (that was once my grandmother's) and became the color inspiration for my whole house. I do have some favorite places that never cease to inspire : The Cottage in Chicago, ABC home in NYC, Anthropologie, the Habitat for Humanity Home Stores, Curious Sofa in Kansas City. (and of course fabulous blogs, magazines and catalogues- oh and movie sets: my dream country home would be the Dashwood home featured in the Ang Lee version of Sense and Sensibility.)http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114388/ Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! Thank you Heather for your insight and sharing your home with us today! You can also find Heather on her Blog and her Etsy!

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      1. What pretty photos! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

      2. What a lovely home! I love all of the soft greens, yellows and blues. Thank you for sharing and for all of the great advice!

      3. Such a lovely home and a very insightful interview! I need all the advice I can get I have to tell you... I have a hard time decorating out of lack of direction. I'm afraid of buying things that don't fit, it's good to hear an experts view... inspires me decorate! :)

      4. Her home & decor are lovely. So pretty & romantic. I am jumping over to her blog now. Thanks for sharing.
        Have a great day!

      5. Thanks so much Rachel. This looks great. I love how you set it up. And thank you for having me a part of all your loveliness. Thanks Melissa and Ashley. and Gabbi, I am so honored. I am glad to hear that you may have a bit more confidence. Just follow your heart and it will all go together!

      6. Hello Rachel... thanks for sharing this! All of my vintage pieces have a story to tell... and their previous owners who have passed on still watch over them I am sure and know how much I treasure and take care of them! I have been chatting with your darling mama today, how fun! Bisous... Julie Marie

      7. What a gorgeous home... I absolutely love how she's integrated so many cool vintage finds!

      8. Wow. Great photos. These are all so beautiful. I love them all.

      9. Reminds me of my grandmothers...beautiful and homey!

      10. aah man that little table right next to the couch is awesomee!

      11. Gorgeous color and spaces!


      12. Hi Rachel,

        You are now linked!!

        xo Laura

      13. I love all of the soft colors!


      14. Lovely Homes: Heather S. Thompson from Gathering Spriggs

        Thanks for sharing!

      15. Lovely Homes: Heather S. Thompson from Gathering Spriggs

        Thanks for sharing

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